Love is patient, love is kind... Cat's love for the baby. And love from the baby to the cat too of course :) #baby #cat #love #animal

and friend


Yikes! My sister always carried cats by their necks when she was little too. Poor kitties. But this little girl does love them.

fridacalico: Mon copain. (by alain laboile) I love this photo because it looks so old-timey, like a lost photo you’d find in a dusty old box at a thrift store. But, if you click through to the artist’s Flickr page, you’ll see that it was shot with a 5D Mark II. Also, the shoe kinda gives it away. But the juxtaposition of when I feel like this photo was taken versus the fact that this child is wearing Crocs just tickles me.

Love This

The Top 25 Cutest Pictures Of Cats And Babies - I don't really like cats, but these are adorable

There was this one time my grandpa was playing table games with his friends n I went to the playground nr by n picked up a kitten. This was an almost exact #baby cat #cat|

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best friends


Too cute!

Adorable little girl lovin' on an adorable little kitty. Such a cat lover when I was little. Don't get me wrong, I still love cats, but not as much as I did when I was a little girl.

Don't stop......please`

cat or bear?

When there is no one who can say the words “I love you”…these blessed little creatures will always find a way to remind us that we matter. The love of an animal is unconditional. Love them and they will love you forever. <3

Gimme a Love

"AND I...... will always love you!" too funny