Propagating succulents

How to propagate succulents (Very easy!)

Propagating Succulents via Needles + Leaves. Learn how to propagate succulents from leaves and cuttings.

Succulent Fairy Garden

How to propagate succulents.

Propager des planter grasses à partir de feuilles

Succulent identification chart & growing info, climate zones, conditions, etc. for a wide variety of succulents

Free succulents! Rooting succulents is simple with these helpful tips. jade plant

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How to propagate rosemary and lavender; also works for basil

DIY Mini Succulent Planters:: Tiny jars (repurposed baby food jars? Or the little jars some of the Burt's Bee's creams, like the banana one, would work) wrapped w/ twine & a label (which could have the plant's name if not being used as a favor), filled w/ a mini succulents (Available via TheSucculentGarden on Etsy:

How to collect, transplant, and care for moss. If you want to add moss to your pots or planters, this article explains how to establish it and get it growing. | The Micro Gardener

Succulent cuttings begat even more succulents.

Colourful succulents

Your succulents will thank you for fertilizing them! Find out how often you should fertilize succulents and what you should use

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Use pinecones at the bottom of container ~ makes it much lighter and will draining better ~ Planting A Succulent Garden

How to Grow, Maintain, and Divide Bearded Iris. Helpful article with specific information and pictures.