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My website for searching the Capital Region of New York's homes for sale or rent.

Southeast Region, Regions of the United States This is a quiz that goes along with my resource, Regions of the United States: Southeast, Complete Unit (5 Regions), one of a series of five informational text packets I have created for teaching about the regions of the United States.

Regions of the United States: Northeast, Scrapbook (5 Regions)

This worksheet covers the regions of the United States, but could easily be adapted to just Texas. Students would learn about Texas' resources and water, and complete this page as part of a language arts lesson. LK

Students will create a "suitcase" using a manilla folder. They will need to research state bird, motto, flower etc and illustrate those elements. All four of the sides in the folder will contain information, as well as a "bumper sticker" they will create on the front cover.

Interactive map of the 50 States. Students can drag and drop states and the nation's capital into their proper geographical locations.