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  • Katie Bentley

    "As the Sun (Apollo) now approaches this great healer, we are reminded of our wounds. We also see our strength. In watery Pisces, the depth of these aspects can feel murky and tearful, but don’t despair. We are greater than this moment. And at our core, through the injustice and inadequacies and hurts, we are very strong. We can change the course of history in the people we raise, tend, and touch. And while we may never fully heal ourselves, we will go on to heal many others."

  • Cindy Morris and John Corsa

    Chiron, the wounded healer, helps you to identify your karmic wounds, those places of pain you get stuck in over and over again. Healing is available. Awareness first and then crystal, energy healing.

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Centaur in search of woman with an ass. (Okay, I don't usually post images that just make me giggle, but this one is pretty as well.) :)

Centaur..they can be pretty touchy..take care says Thad of

Chiron was known for his exceptional goodness and wisdom. He was the only immortal centaur. Despite his immortality he was to end up dying when badly wounded by Heracles he chose to trade his life for the release of Prometheus rather than live in pain.

Centaurus is the father of the race of mythological beasts known as the centaurs or Unionidae. The centaurs are half-man, half horse; having the torso of a man extending where the neck of a horse should be.

((Rp? Bored so much!!)) I stroke the little birds feathers. It so soft. Suddenly, there's a snap of a twig. I stand on my hooves and call out, "Who's there?" (I'm the girl, Slifena. Can someone be another centaur?)

Greek Mythology: (or Chiron) was the eldest and wisest of the Centaurs, a tribe of half-horse men. But unlike the rest of this tribe he was an immortal god, a son of the Titan Kronos and half-brother of Zeus. Kheiron's mother was the nymph Philyra who was coupling with Kronos when his wife suddenly appeared on the scene. To escape notice he transformed himself into a horse, and in this way sired a half-equine son. Some time later when a tribe of Kentauroi (or Centaurs) were spawned on...

Some Swing on spider silk from mighty oaks while others cavort on dainty feet, amid the swirling mist. Mo~

Chiron ~ centaur and trainer of heroes (Achilles, Aeneas, Theseus, Jason, Peleus, Perseus, and Hercules). Was known as a wise centaur (half man-half horse)

Centaur: is a member of a composite race of creatures, part human and part horse.