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    Alchemic mysteries... photographer? location?


    The snake has a "mythological ability to heal" (p. 7); but we cannot be like the snake.

    snake skin


    Maori Art, Wood Carving

    snake skeleton

    Alchemical wedding


    Shrine Relief Fragment Depicting Ashtamahabhaya Tara, the Buddhist Savioress, 10th–11th century. India. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. Gift of The Kronos Collections, 1994 (1994.488) This Tara’s title, Ashtamahabhaya, refers to the eight great perils from which she offers sanctuary: lions, snakes, thieves, enslavement, yakshas, shipwreck, fire, and rampaging elephants (the last two are shown at the lower right).

    .:. Cover of ‘A Natural History of the Nests and Eggs of British Birds’ by Rev. F. O. Morris. Published 1870 by Bell & Daldy

    Natural History Museum, London ~ architect Alfred Waterhouse. Detail of fabulous tile stonework of this Victorian Romanesque building. #art #architecture


    Alchemical images from the Beinecke Library.

    let us never forget that the snake has long been a symbol of women's power. Let us reclaim it!

    Ouroborus and Hexagram | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

    The serpent is a sign of the Healer, High Priestess, Shamaness, and Visionary. Snake power is a radical power, both dangerous and transformative. The Crone Goddess, rules menopause, “a powerful time of self-creation and self-government that could produce visions and create magic.” For a woman to use her will and creativity for her own benefit is frightening for some men. (Ellis) By Joyce Tenneson.

    Alchemical pelican. Although not mermaid/ siren, I like that she is emerging from a crescent moon, that looks similar two tails.

    Alchemical - Sun/Moon Ouroboros.

    Lakota Mystery Tree. As above so below.