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Minoan Snake Goddess




let us never forget that the snake has long been a symbol of women's power. Let us reclaim it!

Annita Maslov illustrations

The snake has a "mythological ability to heal" (p. 7); but we cannot be like the snake.

Alchemical - Sun/Moon Ouroboros.

Alchemical pelican

Metaphysical concept of polarity – the yin and yang , Shiva and Shakti, the union and transcendence of opposites... #Alchemy #occult #esoteric #hexagram

Alchemical images from the Beinecke Library.

"Magus of the Eternal Gods" ~ The Hermetic Tarot ~ the Hierophant

Anima Mundi - Alchemical Illustration - Alchemy - Artist: Arthea (Elena Frasca Odorizzi)

Alchemical Symbols by Oswald Croll, 1600s.

The serpent is a sign of the Healer, High Priestess, Shamaness, and Visionary. Snake power is a radical power, both dangerous and transformative. The Crone Goddess, rules menopause, “a powerful time of self-creation and self-government that could produce visions and create magic.” For a woman to use her will and creativity for her own benefit is frightening for some men. (Ellis) By Joyce Tenneson.

magick squares

Sacred Geometry

Etruscan elongated bronze figures from Volterra, 2nd-3rd century BCE at the Museum of VIlla Guilia, Rome. Two are soothsayers, recognizable by their gowns and pointed hats.