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    I hope karma slaps you in the face before I do. yeah. because it wont be pretty when I do.


    Love This! Cause it's so true... This explains why some people are the way they are & why they gossip about people who have done nothing to them, nor care nothing about them. No class. (:

    Words to live by.

    Not smiling because we hate you all also has the benefit of not causing any wrinkles. | 26 Secrets People Who Hate Everyone Won't Tell You

    You hear that?



    so true



    my motto

    Some people have been offended as I have told them this - well I used a different word than stupid but I don't sugarcoat that it was their bad decision that got them into trouble. I have made too many bad decisions to tiptoe around now. (Patty)

    Love those halfway bitches!

    This fits someone I know perfectly!

    Trust me, when I woke up this morning I had no plans to be this sexy. But shit happens.


    Soo true .

    You're still talking?!