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Cool idea! Once a month for their lives, put $10 in a photo album for your kids....around $2000 by the time they graduate/turn 18. what a wonderful gift to start out their "new lives"! maybe wait until they get married??

from Made Perfectly Imperfect

Five Ways To Become A More Patient Mom

Motherhood is beautiful but can bring a lot of stress. Learn five ways to become a more patient mom and feel better at the end of the day.

kids hears 432 neg comments/day (vs 32 positive ones). how many times do you say No or Don’t? confusing (what does she want me to do?). reinforces negative behavior. doesn't hear what you want her to do. discouraging. If 93% feedback during day were negative, you'd feel how kids feel: discouraged. shift percentages: Calmly state what want child to DO. (“Please use walking feet in house") Find opp to say YES! (“The park sounds fun! saturday or monday?” “YES, wh

from KindredBond

Help Your Child Succeed With A Clean Room Checklist

Help your child succeed with a Clean Room Checklist: helps kids who are overwhelmed with how to clean their rooms