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embroidered sofa cushions

HOW TO: Style a Sofa with Caitlin Wilson Textiles | Rue LUV these color combos

Love the wall tiles

The Simple Journal Planner is a highly recommendable planner! Increase the efficiency of your life at anytime you'd like with this dateless planner. You can write or decorate the planner more neatly as all the pages are GRID style! The weekly section contains weekly layout plus free note, so you can organize your schedule and write a note about your upcoming plans or anything! Plus, there’s an envelope for storing receipts, photos, stickers and so on. Check out this A+ Planner!


Just bought some Heather Bailey fabrics....can't wait until it gets here!

Boho decor - THIS IS MY RUG IN CHARLESTON! (BOKHARA) - - All Turkmen rugs and carpets have geometric patterns. The repeated "Gul" motif (elephant footprint) is the main indication of Turkem rugs. Weavers in Turkmenistan use Turkish knots and these type of rugs are among the finest quality tribal rugs.... #loveofrugs #interiordesign #homefurnishings #rugs #decorating #homedecor #home #arear...

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How to accessorize your white living space with pops of vibrant color.

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throw pillows.

Pillow Pattern Combos

Coastal living Love these Colors/note pillow and coral


Nordstrom at Home 'Chloe' Duvet Cover | Nordstrom

Bright living room decor