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Disney Princesses In Their Princes Costumes.... Look, I get why Mulan isn't there, but we're still missing a few and it vexes me so. They all look so cute in the princes outfits which makes me wonder what the princes would look like in the princesses dresses

Modern Day Disney Character's Look

Disney University by Hyung86 - PART 2

This is where your favorite Disney movie takes a heartbreaking twist -- Is this true? I hope it is. <3

Tiana, Rapunzel and Merida: | Gorgeous Retro Disney Princesses

Disney High Fashion

Little fun fact for you guys, I'm in love with Disney movies and know the words to most of the songs

These Disney Princesses pictures our pretty especially jasmine :)

Disney hipsters

Anastasia by Marta De Winter http://martadewinter.deviantart.com/

Disney Princesses

It would be amazing if they made a tv show with all the disney characters in college!!! Oh my gosh I would watch it all day everyday!!!!!!

Disney characters at Hogwarts!

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If Disney characters wore modern clothing - Cute, but if Rapunzel had bangs, wouldn't they have turned brown?

The Walking Dead Disney Edition....two of my favorite things together ♥