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3/4-inch-wide loops of fabric cut from socks and tights (our 6 1/2-foot jump rope required 157) Loops remind me of the loops for pot holder looms.

50 Easy Fine Motor Skills Activities To Do At Home

Fine motor skills are an important part of childhood development and should be encouraged. But what are they and why is it important? They are the type of activities that hone your child’s pincer gripe so that they can hold a pencil properly and also help with hand and eye co-ordination. For those whose families [...]

avie designs: EASY PEASY DIY SCREEN PRINTING Get an embroidery hoop, some silk, a credit card, fabric paint, contact paper and get printing. All you have to do is cut your design out of contact paper, adhere it to your little screen and get printing. The credit card acts as a squeegee.

baby mobile @Jennifer Musser this would be really cute in your own colors, embroidery hoops, fishing line and yarn balls