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need a little motivation? this should do it.

Pull ups might seem impossible when you start out. Just keep showing up, and before you know it, you'll be stringing butterflies. #CrossFit #KippingItReal

I would love to get to this point... just hold a pose for as many minutes possible and really feel my muscles working! omg... inspirational.

I struggle with this daily. No matter how much weight I've lost, how much muscle I've gained. Its still an issue, a mental issue that I am working on.

Reason to Be Fit #0451: To finally be able to do pull ups. TRUE STORY: One day I was just playing around and went over to the pull up bar and did a pull up. I now do full body weight pull ups 2x/wk! I didn't realize how much the other back and arm workouts were preparing me for my pullup!

Hey do you want to get a coffee after this? " " yeah sure.... oh my god, I just fanny farted" "OMG SAME"

to be known as "in shape" Not, Oh you're so thin you don't need to workout! Well you know what, I have a heart, lungs and a brain. I also have joints and muscles just like the next person. I need to keep it all in shape and working til I'm old and gray...So when I'm gone everyone will say, Damn she looked good! lol!!!

Honestly, I'm pretty dang flexable for a fat chick. I can only imagine how impressive it will be when I'm fit and healthy! haha