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  • Joslyn Aldape

    This pin obviously relates to this board because it gives steps on how to make a relationship more meaningful - where the steps resemble the building blocks. Someone can print this pin and tape it on their wall for inspiration or a reminder to themselves if they were trying to make things work with someone.

  • Calm Down Now®

    How to create meaningful relationships. Inspiring #quotes and #affirmations by Calm Down Now, an empowering mobile app for overcoming anxiety. For iOS: For Android:

  • What Dreams May Come

    How To Create More Meaningful Relationships -- Friendship group

  • Christina Packer

    How to create more meaningful relationships. Good advice. Pinner says, clicking this link will take you to an awesome article, "How To Have More Best Friends in Life: The Heartfelt Guide"

  • Susan Prichard of Graphitti Creations

    a #Professional builds healthy #Relationships

  • Jackie Cox

    True #friendship #love #positive #quote

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And secrets lead to arguments. There is no winning. I don't trust anyone anymore anyway. People lie or they just tell you what you want to hear. My life is simple now. I need simple.

I saw this on Hijiri's blog heartfish! I'm a zombie before my morning joe. I love the print.

Here’s one to remind us that the first step to building great relationships (be it with our family, friends, or partners) always starts with us (personalexcellenc...)

Yeah, it gets very lonely and destroys your soul. Confidence is out the window, faith in humans... gone... okay.; off the soap box now

Communication is both an expressive, message-sending, and a receptive, message-receiving, process. Failure to communicate effectively can be due to a problem on either or both ends of the process. Say what you mean and mean what you say. Be direct and honest; don't dance around the issue or play games.

There are many definitions for respect when you add understanding and love.

Make your Romantic relationships more brotherly and your brotherly relationships more romantic...they are both equally special

21 Facts That Will Change Your Relationship Forever /

I had this a few times. It's really all you can ask for. It's one of the best feelings in the world. Especially when you start to fall for the person

Discussing of all days. Thank you big guy for the confirmation I'm on the right track