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Makeup Inspired By...Comic Strips, Namely Brenda Starr

'my favorite comic strip' From Brenda Starr #3 (1948)  (via kinosian)

Brenda Starr v1 #14 by Dale Messick (1955) (via Comic Book Plus)

Cover for Brenda Starr Comics (1948 series) #8

Brenda Starr, reporter. Followed her in the paper's comics section.

Brenda Starr always had this Rita Hayworth thing going in both expression and hairdo! brenda starr comics

Panel from a Brenda Starr Reporter comic strip, published by The Chicago Tribune, United States, 1940, by Dale Messick.

Brenda Starr Hahahaha!!! Rue it! Feel the rue!

Brenda favorite in the Sunday comics