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    Makeup Inspired By...Comic Strips, Namely Brenda Starr

    brenda starr comic ramona fradon | Brenda Starr

    'my favorite comic strip' From Brenda Starr #3 (1948)  (via kinosian)

    Brenda Starr v1 #14 by Dale Messick (1955) (via Comic Book Plus)

    Brenda Starr

    Brenda Starr Reporter and Basil St. John. Looked forward to Sundays' comics just to Brenda Starr..

    Cover for Brenda Starr Comics (1948 series) #8

    Abertha from Brenda Starr comics, paper doll, 1948.

    Panel from a Brenda Starr Reporter comic strip, published by The Chicago Tribune, United States, 1940, by Dale Messick.

    Panel from late era Brenda Starr Reporter comic strip, United States, 2009, by Mary Schmich and June Brigman.

    Brenda favorite in the Sunday comics

    Brenda Starr Hahahaha!!! Rue it! Feel the rue!

    "Brenda Starr" by Dale Messick. First published in 1940.

    Brenda Starr - whoa! Lil' riske there, Brenda ol' girl...

    Legend of Isis: Black Scorpion #1 Bluewater Comics UP4S (2010) $3.49

    Librarians Are Women Too.

    Brenda Starr vol. 2 #4, September 1948.

    Brenda Starr vol. 2 #5, November 1948.

    Katy Keene retro mermaid

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