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omg, if I pulled the string and he said this I think I would die.  Someone please make me a woody doll that says this.

Woody has had enough

Funny pictures about Woody has had enough. Oh, and cool pics about Woody has had enough. Also, Woody has had enough photos.

I sincerely hate voicemail...with a passion.

CHECKING MY VOICEMAIL DRIVES ME NUTS! I think I seriously will make this my new outgoing voicemail message. maybe instead of "send a brief text" I would say "I will see that you have called and will call you back soon" :)

Aladdin doesn't have armpit hair.

My First Love Was Disney's Robin Hood (and Five Other Animated-Crush Confessions)

I show that bitch the world… bitches love worlds . - “ I show that bitch the world… bitches love worlds ” (vía canv.


Good Ways To Relieve Stress And Anger

It's either cold enough for Uggs or warm enough for shorts. And even then, uggs are boots, wear them to keep your feet warm, not as a fashion statement!

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Ecard // Noah wrote Allie 365 letters so I think you can answer my text // the notebook

This is exactly why my husband and I never did santa etc. with our kids.

When your parents accuse you of lying to them, just remind them -The Easter Bunny, Toothfairy, & Santa Claus !