Downloadable planning documents using the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) from Lessons From a Teacher.

Reporting to Parents using the EYLF :: Lessons from a Teacher

Plan for EYFS - areas of learning whilst playing with playdoh

Programming using the EYLF

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EYLF Environments for Learning outdoor environments. What a good page! so many ideas

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70 best apps for teachers and students #highered

What's Pedagogy Anyway? - Using pedagogical documentation to engage with the Early Years Learning Framework

Internet Site, Website, Web Site

Maximising children's potential through Inclusion: The EYLF - Getting Started By Joy Goodfellow (Early Childhood Australia)

EYLF room display

Making Your Environment “The Third Teacher” - Early Childhood ...-Making Your Environment “The Third Teacher” - Early Childhood ...

Documenting children's learning

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Play Posters (linked to Early Years Learning Framework)

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awesome binder with full year plans, daily plans, assessment and grade sheets with standards

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