despicable me hahahaha @Clara Veltkamp does this remind u of something? ;)

Despicable Me! :)

Despicable Me

<3 love this part! Favorite movie! Give this a like or repin if u LOVE dory!!!

Why Frozen and The Hunger Games are basically the same along with the Doctor's face on the bottom <3: Mind Blown, Mindblown, Catching Fire, Hunger Games, Hungergames, Movie, David Tennant, The Hunger Game

Despicable Me

Camren's favorite part "Big summer blow out!"

I love Sheldon Cooper.


Despicable me


greatest insult ever, courtesy of Frances

10 Things I Hate About You. My ultimate favorite movie as a pre-teen and teenager.

michael scott

i think he's goood :)

brides maids.. best movie ever


Despicable me 2 ❤️

Princess Diaries quote

Best character in a movie. EVER