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Silene polypetala by Brad Wilson: This flowering plant in the pink family, also known as the eastern fringed catchfly and fringed campion is a federally listed endangered species of the United States. #Flowers #Endangered_Species #Fringed_Campion

Solenomelus pedunculatus #1 Iridaceae - Chile Syn. Solenomelus chilensis, Sisyrinchium pedunculatum Maicillo (Chilean name) Shown: Detail of flower; diam. of flower approx. 25 mm "Solenomelus is a genus of South American species of flowering plants in the family Iridaceae. They are very closely allied to Sisyrinchium with rhizomes, flowers with a perianth tube and a style that is not divided and a single capitate stigma. The genus name is derived from the Greek words solen, meaning…