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DAILY SCHEDULE CARDS. I love these, but I wish the letter s didn't look like it was upside-down. I'm working on making some using these cute pictures with a different font.

Daily Schedule: The children help with the daily schedule. Via:

Printable resources to create a beautiful classroom calendar


Labels GALORE annnnd a FREEBIE! :) :)

Labels for your classroom supply bins, labels for your book bins, labels for your teacher trays and drawers, a lunch count display, a few tips and tricks to organize paper work annnnd a schedule card FREEBIE! :) :)


My Classroom

Love the daily routine schedule

Tempting idea to decorate the classroom clock......because middle school kids cannot tell time.

from YourDictionary

Commonly Confused Words

Infographic for commonly confused (misspelled or misused) words. A helpful infographic from Your Dictionary. Perfect for the classroom!