FASTVíNIC by Alfons Tost

FASTVíNIC by Alfons Tost

Le cou cou

Imagine yourself in France at this new restaurant Le Coucou in Soho, New York. Le Coucou is the first American restaurant of chef Daniel Rose who also has a restaurant in Paris called Spring.

Bar Oval,© José Hevia

Gallery of Bar Oval / FLEXOARQUITECTURA - 5

Burger restaurant Oval Barcelona is situated in a century building in the Eixample area, beautifully refurbished by local studio Flexoarquitectura.

Restaurant Fastvinic in Barcelona Alfons Tost

fastvinic cafe - Interior designer Alfons Tost has designed this unique eco-friendly interior for the Fastvinic cafe in Barcelona. The Fastvinic cafe has an over-.

The floor is perhaps the most important survivor of the overhaul, cleaned of oil but still rough and raw – a humble platform underpinning the more decorative Mediterranean elements. Hand-painted tiles in classic blue and white adorn the zinc topped bar, and the textile upholstery is almost too pretty to sit on...

Craving something tasty and fresh in West Perth? Look no further than "Gordon Street Garage"

Restaurant Visit: Bar Agricole in San Francisco: Remodelista

Restaurant Visit: Bar Agricole in San Francisco

Bar Agricole is a Baby Shower Venue in San Francisco, California. See photos and contact Bar Agricole for a tour.

lafitte, san francisco (what a gorgeous space)

Lafitte brings chef back above ground

lafitte, san francisco (what a gorgeous space) // There's really nothing that gets me like industrial spaces + warm wood

<p>    London’s Studioilse turns out another excellent study in eclecticism, this time, in Hong Kong. Duddell’s, a restaurant and gallery in the Shanghai…

Museum Restaurant by Studioilse

This cafeteria style cafe has a very casual look with the wood tables and chalkboard!