I basicly want to travel everywhere where there is a island

Your Bucket List. #travel #bucket_list

More than likely won't happen this year but hey for all the things I don't do this year on my summer bucketlist of 2014, I'm adding to my summer bucket list of 2015 <3

bucket list.

San Diego, USA

bucket list

Bucket List.


Small, Pocket Sized "Bucket List Box" to Write Down What You Want to Do Before You Die | $9.95

Before I die.

Yes. :)

Mayan ruins

I am sure it is beautiful!

bucket list: go to brazil

Bucket List

See the Statue of Liberty ✔



The Foodist Bucket List.... Okay this would be hard unless I was like healed! Because eating hurts... 😞

Is this on your bucket list? #Belize #bucketlist