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Adirondack Retreat House 05 by Spitzmiller & Norris, Inc. --> Completely in love with this house. It combines the craftsmanship of a farm style house with a cabin in the most beautiful and perfect ways. Love the Red Shutters!

Just to see the interior scale of one of these small sheds. My purpose would be a place to cook the broth outside of the house, perhaps run a dehydrator, have some shelves for lacto-fermenting, and a sink to wash garden produce.

Craft shed :I have a room just this size in my house. It is currently just stuffed with boxes and I had envisioned this instead when I got this place. First thing would have been to paint it white. That would have helped a lot.

Abandoned Traditional Chinese House

An abandoned house and i found this old fashioned decor are still stable in the house. Although it looks like a haunted house but i just LIKE it.