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10 Video Projects Every Teacher Should Try

10 Video Projects Every Teacher Should Try : could use for a trailer of what they think of a paper and get them to upload it, or get them to film their interactions when investigating a sci in soc issue, or upload images and group them thematically etc...

Create a Green Screen Video in Your Classroom

Create a Green Screen Video in Your Classroom. Create amazing student-driven, directed and edited videos placing them anywhere in the world using a super-simple green screen app. See how putting your students in the director’s chair facilitates authentic learning and assessment opportunities and results in Oscar-worthy productions, with little to NO prep!

Kleinspiration: It's Easy Being Green (If You Have a Green Screen): a guest post by @Bill Hughes Hughes Selak

17 Things You Didn't Know Google Chrome Could Do

There’s no place like Chrome.   In iOS, tap the main menu, go to Settings > Bandwidth > turn Data Saver on. In Android, open Settings > under Advanced tap Reduce data...

Creating a Classroom Studio with an iPad and a Green Screen - iPads in Education One reason I might give up some shelving space ... for room to set up something like this.