trash or treasure...write sight words on paper, crumple, kids uncrumple, and read word. sight words are treasure, nonsense words are trash. record

Popcorn Words... Easy and fun! Write sight words on piece of paper, crumple up and put into popcorn container. Child picks a piece, reads it & writes it! Check out the blog post for a FREE recording sheet.

game stacking cups with sight words or with numbers - if you know the word or the number then you get to stack the cup

Musical Sight Words Game gets kids moving, dancing, grooving and mastering sight words

Color and Number Sight Word Activity

Sight word parking lot game -- call out a word & they "park" in that place! I also do this with addition and subtraction equations and they have to park in the sum/difference

sight word activities

Spin a Top, graph which word it lands on. Lots of good sight word activities on this pg!

Sight word flip books; use magazines and newspapers. Just leave in writing center... busy bees done their work can add to it

sight words in eggs: put together & record

Lego word game ~ great for sentence formation and spelling

Activities to practice sight words

"Musical Letters"-when music stops write letter that is on chair (try with sight words, too) Multiplication facts instead! SO FUN!

Sight Word Folders

Roll a Sight Word

Sight Word Printables

Sheet for sight word introduction- I love the various activities on one page.

10 Fun Ways to Practice Sight Words with kids - learning through play

Great ideas for practicing sight words!

Rainbow Sight words

sight word practice