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How To Laminate Cards, ID’s, Photos, (anything) with an Iron!

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  • Shey Lamberty

    How To Laminate Cards, ID’s, Photos, (anything) with an Iron! | Budget Savvy Diva she has great ideas on her page

  • Denise Scarpetti

    How To Laminate Cards, ID’s, Photos, Recipe cards (anything) with an Iron! | Budget Savvy Diva

  • Papeℓ Couture  {Yaʑ

    grrrr - I think I threw away the laminating pouches I was hoarding for forever! Figures - How To Laminate Cards, ID’s, Photos, (anything) with an Iron! | Budget Savvy Diva

  • Heidi's Pinning

    Going to use this idea for when I make my recipe cards. Whenever that day comes. because currently my recipe "book" is a bunch of printed out, 81/2x11 pieces of paper sitting in a drawer. It works.

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