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Just a little bacon weave.

valentine's day bacon

OMG........ Bacon Cups

Bacon really does make a hamburger great.

I made these bacon roses myself.

My bacon shaped birthday cake.

Delicious bacon maple cupcake from Flirt in Edmonton.


Oysters with bacon.

Bacon pancakes. Awesome.

Bacon chocolate truffles.

I can't describe how good bacon sushi rolls are.

Bacon and chocolate is good. We all know this. So I tried bacon and chocolate bars. Tasty!

Bacon maple donuts from http://jellymoderndoughnuts.com/. These are remarkably good.

Bacon grease is liquid gold. Here's how to render it the right way—and make the most out of it in your cooking.

The trick is to put the pan in a cold oven and then switch it on and begin your timer. Im amazed how many people dont know this. Cook bacon in the oven. Cover cookie sheet with tinfoil first. We do 375 for about 20 min instead of 400 for ten because the lower and slower the more fat renders out. I hate getting SPLATTERED!! This works perfect!

Armadillo eggs

Chocolate cupcakes topped with hollowed out strawberries, filled with infused liqueur and set on fire! Yesssss!

Banana pudding - my pudding would be Bird's Custard - ohm nom nom!

great decoration