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  • Linda Huff

    crochet rainbow colors window treatment by Babukatorium

  • Giuditta Reppucci

    "Stained glass" crochet window curtain. I don't crochet, but I'm wondering about the wonderful doilies I've rescued at estate sales. If I could stiffen them, sew them together and hang them, I think I could duplicate this (well, without the fab window, but, you know...). Better than lying in a drawer until they have my estate sale!

  • Lindy N

    crochet stained glass for bathroom window

  • On Rachelle's Hooks

    Crochet Curtain | Flickr - Inspiration window covering

  • Geri Pallija

    crochet stained glass. My next crochet project!

  • Shannon Alexander

    Now on facebook too!!! XD Here are the new pictures from Bielsko-Biała (Poland). There were the "Hungarian days" between crochet installations, my exhibition of crochet clothes, (not only) Hungarian painter's pictures exhibition via Art Stúdió Galéria ( ), different types of music from M.C.S Blues Band ( ), Plum Is Fallin' ( ), Lajos (who is a great "street-singer" and played Hungarian pop/rock songs and some well known american hits) and two incredible Italian/Austrian djs... And many more! I still need to collect all of the links to show! @;) The crochet curtain is in the garden of Vagina Cafe ( ) in the city center of Bielsko-Biała. I'm not sure if I can call it curtain if it's outside from the window... @;) Please correct me if You know a better word for it! Made of 36 different coloured spiderwebs (still in rainbow order), recycled from the Rainbow Tree like the light pole's "dress" ( I just washed (my Mom washed - AHAH!) the old project's spiderwebs and added a black border for commemorate the Tree. RIP. And YESSS, I had to climb here too!!! XD All the stuff of Vagina Cafe, M.C.S Blues Band and the owner's friends were helping me during the installation with their kind words (like talking to my knees to stop trembling and to my brain: you will have your favourite beer after you finished!!!)... XD Good news: I've done the work, I had my beer and I promised to myself that I won't ever (I mean NEVER EVER) climb again so high without protections! (maybe for some other Desperados I should change idea... I really LOVE that beer!!!) LOL

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love this....might use this idea for the bathroom window. However, I might be in danger of truly becoming the crazy lady down the street with cats and "all that crochet"!

Crochet Curtains by macaperezberrios ... Would be beautiful in a dark color layered with a light colored curtain for a shower curtain

Lovely crochet window "curtain" by Babukatorium in Poland -- made of 36 different coloured spiderwebs (in rainbow order), recycled from the Rainbow Tree like the light pole's "dress" ( She just washed the old project's spiderwebs and added a black border to commemorate the Tree.

window crochet - this is lovely. My bathroom window is due for a new curtain. This has me thinking, even without a pattern to go with it.

Trying to think of cool arty yarny things to make/hang in the windows by my classroom doors. Yes. I said doors. That is how boss I am.

crochet curtains - I LOOOVE this pattern so if anyone knows where to find the pattern, please let me know!! Thanks!

Blocks in blocks curtain, done in yarn and expanded size would be a pretty afghan, from Bernat through Ravelry (have to join both to get the pattern, but free to join)