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And I am a victim

the moment every girl fell in love with heath ledger

Robert Downy Jr. by Michael Muller

When you're feelin' a little blue, or when you realize how hot you are and many guys suck--take a look at your soul mate Mr. Ryan Reynolds, and the world will be right again, :)

If you insist ;)

Bradley Cooper! love himmm♥

Chuck and Blair - Gossip Girl

Funny and sexy

I dont even know who the fuck this is...but thats nice

Captain Jack Sparrow

The ideal uniform would be baseball pants and no shirts

21 jump street

21 jump street

Yeah that would be me if i met Alexander Skarsgard.


James Franco ♥

..Caaannnndddy Cane

Ohh boy, hot as hell


He was hot in high school musical, he's hotter now.

Alex Pettyfer

Matthew McConaughey...He's like 54 and still very great looking

Steam up those windows Leo.

McSteamy ;)

If that's captain american, I'm suddenly VERY patriotic.