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Happiness Project

"Lord, give me coffee to change the things I can change and wine to accept the things I can't." hahaha, great play on Lord, Grant me the Serenity.

For the love of god women, eat a salad!

365 Happiness Project 2014 – Quote 232 // my heart begs for chocolate and wine

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There is a time and place for wine. In my hand and now. Missouri Wines More Wine Quotes 12 Signs Wine

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There comes a time in the day that no matter the question. the answer is wine

I will never apologise for being me. You should apologise for asking me to be anything else.

Happiness Project: yes! Quit telling me to act like a lady!


A few other things as well but I'm pretty sure only those three people I care about are the ones allowed to know what I care about

Sometimes You Just Need To Move On…

Just chuck it in the fuck it bucket and move on . A Wise Person p. kaity we still didn't make a bucket :)


If you have to ask if it's too early to drink wine.you're an amateur and we can't be friends.neva eva too early

Madeline. Two words. Summer Boozathon.

365 Happiness Project: Quote 113

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You can’t buy Happiness but you can buy wine and that’s kind of the same thing.