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My life as a Mom

x AG Quote: I love when the kids tell me they're bored. As if the lady standing in front of a sink full of dirty dishes is where you go to get ideas about how to have a good time.


32 People Who Will Probably Make You Feel Smart

Or leave one cracker or a bag of crumbs in the chips and put it back. Or leave an completely empty box in the cupboard or freezer!

Hilarious Parenting Memes of the Week! Such a funny list of memes about being a parent!

Hilarious Facebook Parenting Memes of the Week

12 Hilarious Parenting Memes that are sure to make you laugh about this crazy thing called parenthood.

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Momma knows best. I have no idea what I'm doing. So long as you don't end up dead, hurt, or in prison in going to call it a win.

Every time ....

the kids just love to bang the shower door for mom to open the fruit snack - Mom humor -Mom Life Quotes -Laughing Through Motherhood - mom quotes - funny mom quotes - best of moms - - meadoria

Need a reason to be kind? You never know how many times a mom got up last night.

No matter if they r months old, 8 yrs old with monsters under the bed, or 19 yrs old and getting in at 1 in the morning.a true mom never gets a solid night's sleep.

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79 Funny Quotes And Sayings Youre Going To Love 62