tony orrico: performance drawings

Tony Orrico

Tony Orrico - Performance drawings

performance drawings_by_Tony Orrico

Tony Orrico

Tony Orrico: Endurance Drawings

Penwald Drawings by Tony Orrico, use of his body as a tool, Tony Orrico, body performance, bilateral drawings, Penwald Drawings, artists, body use in art, artworks

“A series of bilateral drawings in which the artist explores the use of his body as a tool of measurement to inscribe geometries through movement and course” Art done by Tony Orrico

Tony Orrico: The Human Spirograph Mock-mathematics, or how to turn the human body into a graceful precision instrument. Tony Orrico — artist, dancer, human spirograph. He creates remarkable large-scale mock-mathematical drawings with a savant’s focus and a marathoner’s endurance, sometimes drawing for up to four hours continuously, hitting our soft spot for the intersection of art and mathematics with delicious precision.

Tony Orrico, Penwald: 6: project, recoil (WhyNot!, W139, Amsterdam, NL)

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Toni orrico

Anne Gunning in dress by Claire McCardell stands with artist Fernand Lèger in his studio, photo by Mark Shaw, 1955 Two weeks before his death, Fernand Lèger posed for this final portrait in the Paris studio he had occupied since 1913.

The great man himself, photographed in his bohemian studio. Alphonse Mucha, one of my favorite artist.

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Lines Draw lines like this to the sound of a continuous mix of music. Different genres? A2 x 2 for an A1 mounted sheet

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