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    Connections for FB - Mapping physical social graph data

    • Brandon Underwood

      I had this idea of people interacting with a design from an Ariel view. I think this is really cool and creative

    • pugnae .

      Connections for Facebook. Obscura Digital created a physical, social, augmented reality experience dubbed “Connections” at F8, Facebook’s developer’s conference. Attendees swipe in to the experience using their RFID enabled event badge. Multiple overhead projectors map visuals to the floor and an array of 3D cameras are used to reliably track any number of people within the space.

    • Loan RLMG

      Interactive Game| Interactive animated floor projection. A visitor checks into a kiosk, makes a bet, and as he searches the floor, he makes or loses his fortune?

    • Z. E. L.

      Using one's RFID-enabled event badge, they were able to track connections that even show the level of connectedness. Developed for the F8, Facebook‘s developer’s conference.

    • Meiying Lin

      Interactive Floor by Oscura digital - This is an amazing technology that allows people to connect with each other and excreted a physical, social, augmented reality experience. When someone walks in the particular area, a circle will appear under you automatically. And when you walk close to other people, you can watch their basic information. It's was so ingenious!

    • Loan RLMG

      Railroad | Interactive animated floor projection: As visitors walk across the floor, tracks appear? Train audio? Other related content appears? This example shows mapping of physical social graph data at F8, Facebook’s developer’s conference. | Connections for Facebook

    • Niels van Maaren

      Connections for Facebook developed by Obscura Digital was a physical installation demonstrated during F8, Facebook's developer's conference. Conference attendees were identified through their RFID-enabled event badge, so the projected visualization could access their Facebook profiles. The radial bar graphs surrounding an attendee was dynamically constructed from that person's complete graph data. Each blue bar represents a friends, a green bar maps to an interest, and the other colors repre...

    • Vivid Brand

      digital interactive floor projection: connect the dots at #tradeevents

    • James Hallock

      digital interactive floor projection: facebook connections event

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