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  • Cassidy Kav

    Where to get your vitamins. We say get your vitamins from whole foods more than you do from supplements whenever possible!

  • Michelle Lin

    visual aid for vitamins found in certain foods

  • iHerb Coupon

    There is increasing awareness that we need vitamins to promote and enhance our health and well-being. Our environment has undergone and continues to undergo such tremendous changes that it is common knowledge that we cannot rely on the food we eat alone for our nutritional needs. So just eat your vitamins!! Natural Supplements and Vitamins cheaper with iHerb coupon OWI469 #health #healthydiet #diet

  • Ashlyn Hinton

    Vitamin Chart via foods in your refrigerator

  • Kristen @ MIX | wellness solutions for a balanced life

    Here are some healthy foods which serve as a great source for all the main vitamins. #healthyliving #health #nutrition #superfoods

  • Shanon Price

    vitamins in #Drink recipes #Food and Drink Recipe|

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The Periodic Table of Vitamins; With new gimmcky health products hitting the shelf daily, it can sometimes be difficult to distinguish those that are beneficial from those that are not. As an essential source of nutrients, vitamins do play an important role in our health. Below is a guide of the important vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, and some tips on where they can be found.

Nutritional Information Graphic by Miles Harrison, via Behanc. Vitamins - Essential Use - Source #health #fitness #wellness

Fruits High in Vitamin B-17- Anti Cancer Vitamin #health #vitamins

yogi-health: I want to try the decline crunch. I told Nick (my boyfriend) to sit on my legs while I hang off of the bed and try to do sit ups but he didn’t think I could do it so… I didn’t.  I love doing decline crunches while throwing a medicine ball back and forth with a friend.  such a good workout!

They may seem less significant but vitamins and minerals are actually just as critical as the calories we eat. Check out the blog to learn more about micronutrients and how to get more of them from... #Nutrition

A multivitamin should be delivered in a way where little nutritive value is lost, making the absorption of nutrients important. Isotonix® Multivitamin. To order:

Dont forget about vitamins! Our bodies needs multiple vitamins, so take a look at this list of sources for vitamins.