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haha....great for our Friday huddle....will hand them an ECard - and some blue surgical gloves...


How wonderful!



The Internet Is Leaking Again

Oh man! This is hilarious on so many levels , I love funny people. 💋


Anything That Make Your Pet Happy

Wow. XD


It’s Not Even Centered

What purpose does this rat tail serve? (Other than to serve as a great new meme, that is.)

Funny Pictures Of The Day - 84 Pics I also thought that was a maze when I first saw it. We were at a restaurant and I was staring at the back of the ketchup bottler for minutes and then I was told that it's not a game to kill boredom....hay...


Don’t Force Your Opinions On Your Kids

Don't Force Your Opinions On Your Kids<-judge as you will, but i will force my opinions on my kids. I WILL REFUSE TO LET MY KID wear crocs