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    Skittles Vodka Party Favors

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    • Amber Schauber

      Skittle infused vodka. Mini bottles to give out as party favors at parties. I don't drink it but it would be something to share with my vodka-drinking friends!

    • Aneesah Haqq-Ali

      Skittles Vodka Party Favors I have posted this before but this is just a reminder that this awesomeness is GLUTEN FREE!!

    • Melanie Van Lieshout

      Skittles vodka party favors. I feel like I should make a theme party around this idea.

    • Zoë Parker

      Skittles Vodka Party Favors! I've done this and it's a total party starter!

    • Christi Crosswaite

      Skittles Vodka Party could use airplane bottles!

    • Maria Legkov

      Skittles vodka party favors.. Now that's my kind of party! Lol

    • Kristie Nicole Rodriguez

      Skittles vodka party favors....... my 2 favorite things!!!

    • Carly Robyn

      Skittles Vodka Party Favors, what a fun idea :)

    • Natalie Harlow

      skittle vodka Ingredients and Equipment: 1 lb bag of skittles 30 mini bottles of vodka Coffee Filters 5 empty containers with lids (water bottles, tupperware, I used cups with plastic wrap on top) Funnel (or crazy good pouring skills) Prep time: 45 minutes Inactive time: 1 day Cooking Instructions: Separate all the skittles by color. Pour 6 of the mini bottles of vodka into one of the empty containers. Save the mini bottles Add 120-150 red skittles. Repeat this with all the colors. You should have 5 containers with skittles of different colors in vodka at the end. Stir each container. Cover each container and set aside for at least 24 hours or until the skittles are dissolved. Shaking or stirring occasionally helps. Once dissolved, get out about 4 coffee filters and pour a portion of one color through the filters into an empty cup. Once the flow rate slows down, squeeze the liquid through like how your supposed to squeeze a toothpaste bottle (back to tip). If there is still white gelatin floating, filter again. Continue this until there is minimal gelatin floating in the vodka. If your friends are like mine, they won’t care about a little bit left. I found that the white gelatin stands out most in the green and purple so I filter these twice. Repeat this until you have filtered all of one color. Use the funnel or your pouring skills to pour the vodka back into the mini bottles. Repeat this for each color. Depending on how many filters you used and how many times you filtered, you may not end up with as many mini bottles full as you started. You can fill the mini bottles that are only part full using more vodka if you want or just have extra mini bottles for other uses. You should end up with about 5 or 6 bottles of each color. Use as party favors for New Year’s or any other adult party. Enjoy!

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