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omg I want them to be my friends!

Morning coffee (39 photos)

Awww how cute. Wayne's World matching tattoos. "Party on, Wayne." "Party on, Garth.

Lolsotrue #165 If I still can't hear what you said after you repeated it 3 times, ill just laugh and hope it wasn't a question.

For real, 11 year olds with "it's complicated" as their relationship status?


I will do anything humanly possible to reach the remote without getting up.

Adam Sandler gets it right - Imgur

Adam Sandler gets it right

me but so much worse for my poor girl 4 11 for the last 2 yrs allmost.  we have been shooting for 5'   3 years of growing left comeon growth spurts!!

I was complaining about this in my friends car the other day, but she has the tall people problem and can't see the road if the visor is down haha we are totally opposite in stature.it's funny :)

17 Snapchats Done Perfectly…

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is how to do snap chat right. Some people have too much time on their hands.