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  • Libby Callaway

    John Peel's office

  • Bridget Plumb

    John Peel's collection, with nifty UI

  • Touareg

    Starting May 1th 2012: John Peel's record collection went online via Music fans will be able to sift through the late DJ's vast archive as part of an expanding virtual museum ( see for his album collection ) via

  • Elizabeth Doyle

    John Peel's record collection online.

  • Edo Portugal

    John Peel's studio and record collection!

  • Lynley Ruck

    The Peel Sessions

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John Peel's Record Shelf. Wonderful site design, gives you access to the record collection of the legendary radio DJ.

'collecting history: john peel, j dilla, and the record as artefact: the allure of the physical object and what records mean in the digital age' - eric harvey, 2012 [pitchfork article]

Records, book on Spanish, cat book and bed. My faves haha

John Peel's records collection

This reminds me of my childhood. My uncle Dick used to be a DJ and had so many records they literally took up a whole wall of the house like this.

Kushandwizdom - Inspirational picture quotes

Pele's record collection

design is mine : isn't it lovely?: record collections.

O poder decorativo dos livros