perfect timing

Ralph Waldo Emerson.


So here's the thing. I've been through so tough stuff but here I am, still making it through. I'm done feeling sorry for myself. I know there are people who care about me and I'm gonna lean on them when things are tough and I'm just going to trust in God because he has a plan for me.

Today will never come again

Faith ...


Luke 18:27

Some people are always about them shinning and not HIM,ever. And what the say is the word and no body knows it but them. What fools they are. Someday it will be to late but they will not know, because it's about them. The HATERS"....

love this verse.

Don't mistake God's patience for his absence. His timing is perfect, and His presence is constant. He's always with you. Deuteronomy 31:6

God has perfect timing

Have patience, God isn't finished yet Philippians 1:6

"God has made EVERYTHING BEAUTIFUL in its TIME -Ecclesiates 3:11 ~~~ I know at times my heart grow anxious, and the waiting kills me, but you know, God has made everything—-YES EVERYTHING, beautiful in its time! I am so amazed because God really gave me this verse to remind and encourage me that I need not worry about anything. It will be beautiful… His plans is gonna be a really beautiful one."

Wow. love this!

Without God

i always tell one of my family members this all the time I hate seeing them being taken advantage of :( she can't say "no", & some use that to "THEIR" advantage).Like Tracy Lawrence sings...she'll find out who her friends are. (and who are freeloaders).

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