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    Bwahaha! My husband sister!!! 3 kids, on food stamps works at a gas station, lol! Shes only 23!!!! But no matter what shell manage to get some ridiculous new tattoo, lol!!!

    oh.iPad,artificial nails,designer clothes,a COACH purse and a nicer car than me?! OH, i see! I use my money for health insurance and school lunches!


    So true

    Seriously, we don't care! Especially when people vent. I've stopped posting so much on fb because it sucks.

    Or guarantees that he'll feel entitled to everything. Ugh. There are winners and losers. Kids need to learn this.

    It's so true

    Seriously though. That little red dot pisses me off.

    all drama queens that I know. If you wonder if you're the drama queen that I speak of or if you think you're not the drama queen-you probably are

    So true.


    This is ridiculously true, "I might need this for a future event".

    so true

    So Very True

    So true!

    Wow. So true. Unfortunately.


    So true

    I couldn't actually love this explanation of modern art more. I love that modern art is such a riddle.

    Love this! Especially when they unfriend you on facebook but still follow your pintrest boards! LOL