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Balloons & Tunes, Grove City, OH (went there last year, and happened to come across this here)

Sailing on a feluka at sunset from the Steinberger hotel in Luxor Egypt.... I recommend it! LH

Luxor, Egypt This world is really awesome. The woman who make our chocolate think you're awesome, too. Please consider ordering some Peruvian Chocolate today! Fast shipping!

The city of Waset in Kemet was inhabited from 3200 BC, reaching 40,000 inhabitants by 2000 BC. and became the largest city in the world with 80,000 in 1400 BC. What monuments does your city build with access to today's modern technologies and building materials? What inspires monumental construction where you live? What would you like to see constructed as monument where you live?

Entrance pylons of the Temple of Isis at Philae, Aswan, Egypt

Got to do a Hot Air Balloon trip!!! Oh, say, in Napa valley or Santa Fe or Asheville or even Cappadocia,Turkey or - - - Lots of great possibilities around the US and World.

i took this exact same picture at the Luxor temple, and added the fish eye... nice to know there are other abstract visionaries behind the lense.

Temple of Luxor, Egypt - Spent 2 days there in the late 70's. Amazing! Still can't believe I was really there... If times were different, I would go back in a heartbeat!