My PCOS Diet-I didn't know there was a special diet for PCOS. Good to know.

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My PCOS Story: How I Naturally Beat Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome With Acupuncture & A New Diet

PCOS Supplements for insulin control, fertility and symptom relief. Supplements for PCOS symptoms. PCOSgirl.com

Seriously, you try living in this body. I put on a good face many, many days, when inside I'm working at 3% power and strength. PCOS fighters unite!! :) #pcos

Wisdom Wednesday-September 3rd #30daysofPCOSpins

PCOS Fertility Bracelet - probably wouldn't do much but maybe wearing it would be a good reminder to stay positive.

OVERCOME PCOS IN 2014: JOIN THE MOVEMENT If you are fed up with being overweight, insulin resistant, hairy, and infertile, don't give up quite yet. #PCOS - Join the Movement!

The Carbohydrate Conundrum: How to Eat Carbs when You have PCOS | With Great Expectation

This is my life to a T.... please remember that not everyone can loose weight! I've tried a ton of things, and no matter what my body says... nope! So think before you judge someone.

PCOS & Metformin

Great #PCOS blog, girl with all #natural approach to the #disease!

PCOS is.....

Gluten intolerance and link with PCOS. Eating a gluten free diet can eliminate many of the PCOS symptoms. - wow what a great article! I think it would be worth giving gluten free eating a try!

PCOS T-shirts

#PCOS Awareness handmade teddy bear #infertility