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Chatsworth House England (North Derbyshire)- Home of the Duchess of Devonshire. I've totally been here!

Rosings is played by the grand Burghley House in Lincolnshire, north of London but still in the south east of England. The house, built by Queen Elizabeth ‘s lord high Treasurer, took over 32 years to complete, and was finished in 1587.


Visiting Jane Austen's England

Visiting Jane Austen's England Traveling through England to visit Jane Austen's house, the streets of Bath where her characters walked, and Chatsworth, the real-life model for Pemberley in "Pride and Prejudice" (Wall Street Journal)

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Pride and Prejudice Houses in England from the 2005 Movie

A view of the front of the magnificent Burghley House. 2 hours north of London. 2hrs by train.

Castle Combe in the Cotswolds, central west England is one of the best-preserved and finest traditional villages in the country. The Cotswolds are a range of hills [measuring about 2,000 square kilometres (768 sq mi)] designated as an area of outstanding beauty and shared by the counties of Somerset, Wiltshire, Oxfordshire, Gloucestershire, Warwickshire and Worcestershire.

Chatsworth, Derbyshire. In Pride and Prejudice (2005), Chatsworth was used as Pemberley, the residence of Mr. Darcy. It is believed that Jane Austen actually based her idea of Pemberley on Chatsworth House as she wrote the novel while in Bakewell.