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    Exploring Static Electricity with Sticky Balloons

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    static electricity science project! Using an aluminum can, a balloon, felt (or by rubbing on socks or hair) watch as the static electricity attracts the can by extending the balloon towards the can-Then see it ROLL!

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    Make a balloon act like a magnet using static electricity! Did you know magnets and electricity are similar in some ways? It's true! Follow the link for more experiments and research on your own to see how electricity and magnetism are connected. Bzz!

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    skewer balloons science experiment in polymers. Skewer sticks dipped in veg. oil can be pushed through inflated balloons without popping them. How many can you poke through before deflating it?

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    Do you know how you can blow up a balloon with soda? This cool science experiment for kids will blow your mind!

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