FREE Science Videos~ Disney presents short, interesting science demonstrations by Bill Nye. Each clip is 1-2 minutes, loads right from the home page, and is kid-friendly! Great resource for students looking for science project ideas or for introducing new science concepts to a whole class. Sample demos include: raw egg floating in salt water, static electricity, how atmospheric pressure works, and making a periscope. Fun, fast, and free!

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exploring the effects of hot and cold air with a balloon experiment - FUN exploration for kids

Cute idea for Meet the Teacher & Classroom setup.

Science for kids, why yes! 13 bottles with different science principles (density, static electricity, magnetic, sink or float). Made from old water bottles and with most things found around the house. genius!

Kindergarten Science Fair Project - M's product from Kindergarten-Supplies on

Roll a Can with No Hands! materials: soda can head of hair balloon Lay the can on a flat surface. Rub a balloon on your head back and forth super fast! Hold the balloon close to your can, without touch it. The can will roll toward the balloon! Have a soda can race with a friend! via Science Bob

Balloon science experiment. Bowl of cold water. Water bottle of hot water. Place balloon on the water bottle and watch it get sucked into the water bottle.

A fun way to teach the Scientific method before a school science fair. So basic and easy.

Science Fair Project - Kindergarten

Science Fair: Solar Heating and Designing of a Solar Cooker

kindergarten science fair project | The following pictures are examples of quality science fair projects.

The Dissolving Peeps Experiment - what does it take to dissolve a marshmallow Peep? I am SO doing this!!! Easter activity for science!

Science Project - Do family members have similar finger prints?

Electromagnet physics electricity science fair project idea: electromagnet with paper clips Electronics Science science project

Science Fair: What Is the Best Way to Wash Your Hands?

Activities: Volcano Project - we just made this recently so much fun for boys!

The very hungry caterpillar visits our room!