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Good Ways to Ruin a Fine Photo: #1 Don’t Use a Tripod by John Rundle – PictureCorrect. Photo: “Photowalking 7″ captured by Thomas Hawk.

10 Tips for Taking Great Cityscape Photos. By Rueben Hird. Photo: “paris” captured by abeer.

Essential Tips for Long Exposure Photography

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How to Make Your Photos Shine Using Clarity, Sharpening, and Dehaze in Lightroom

Tips for how to use the Clarity, Sharpness and Dehaze sliders in Lightroom to help make your images stand out and shine.

Creating a Lens Flare Effect and Dust Particles in Photoshop

While visiting an art gallery or a photography exhibition, at times you may have noticed certain landscape photographs have extremely elongated fields of view. They seem quite impossible to have been photographed with a standard camera. If you wonder how such elongated photographs are made, you are not alone. I had my first encounter with …

Giant's Causeway by Yongjia Peng via The Royal Photographic Society

Long exposure cloud movement: how to give sharp skies a slow shutter speed effect #photography_tips

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Camera composition tips: 1 subject, 6 ways to shoot it