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    this is genius

    Think it's not possible to eat well for $30 per week? You've GOT to read this excellent post from It has a complete week's worth of meals you can make for just $25 total!

    This is awesome!! Wish I would've known about this while I was in college before I was old and boring. Lol

    How To Make Strawberry Margarita Jello Shots

    baha we should totally do this @Megan Rose @Laura Knopp @Mary Greenleaf @Bethany Knopp 10 Internet Drinking Games

    The Best Drinking Games with TV Shows - BreakingBad, Girls, TheWalkingDead, game of thrones, Supernatural, MadMen & SUPERNATURAL BINGO!

    Emily Green !!!!!

    Battleship drinking game

    so much easier than making jello shots


    True American drinking game... I WANT TO PLAY THIS SO BADLY

    Drinks jen Neumann Shannon Bellanca Bellanca Bellanca Bellanca Corbin yes please?

    'Is Your Person a Bad Driver'? bahaahah

    Omg Jell-O shot tree I love this

    hahahah hey look it's me!

    Fallen Snowman,lol. We'll have to do this! And it looks easier to make too...

    make a pillow-- seriously, why didn't anyone think of this before? easiest thing EVER! Hello-Goodwill...

    Giant Beer Pong. painted trash cans... This would be SO fun for summer!