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"Her heart was a secret garden and the walls were very high." William Goldman, The Princess Bride heart + secret garden + walls + quote


Slow It Down - The Lumineers. One of my favorite song lyrics of all time.

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Best collection of Picture Quotes from Anne Frank. Inspirational and famous quotes and sayings from Anne Frank and other popular celebrities.

I love this

I saw them standing there.pretending to be just friends, when all the time in the world could not pry them apart. (My two best friends relationship)

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She was beautiful, but she was beautiful in the way a forest fire was beautiful. Maybe a side tattoo

I hope that one day someone will make flowers grow in even the saddest parts of you.

I hope that one day someone will make flowers grow in even the saddest parts of you. LOVE THIS FOR ME.

10 Inspirational Quotes Of The Day (538)

10 Inspirational Quotes Of The Day (538)

you are your selfish years. old enough to make the right decisions and young enough to make the wrong ones. be selfish with your time - travel, explore, fall in and out of love, be ridiculous and silly, stupid and wild. be 20 something.

Kinda' hope this conversation will happen someday...

“I was waiting for the longest time, she said. I thought you forgot. It is hard to forget, I said, when there is such an empty space when you are gone.” ― Brian Andreas, Story People: Selected Stories & Drawings of Brian Andreas


I love that moment. When you are on a a long car ride, or reading. nd you completely zone out, you forget you troubles, everything around you. You are focused on that one thing. You are content and everything seems peaceful.