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    Underwater photo. #underwater #photography #amazing #bebrave #betheone #swimming #seychelles #waves

  • Mark Tipple

    Navigate : The Underwater Project by Mark Tipple. Below the waves at Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia

  • Sue Pritchard

    australian photographer mark tipple has created 'the underwater project'. the series of images pictures swimmers moving beneath waves, submerged as each break occurs, captured by tipple from below the ocean's surface. the artist moves below the swimmers and waves, generally photographing from a grounded position on the ocean floor. as the individuals featured in each photo struggle through the storm-like clouds of foam and churning water, the viewer may observe a representation of the immense power of crashing waves. through this project, tipple seeks to document the people of australia's intrinsic relationship with the ocean. the artist has created a handmade book containing a compilation of several removable prints from the 'underwater project', manufactured in a limited edition of 250 copies and found here.

  • Hanblechia Designs - Native American Art Made to Wear

    Surf's Up ! #hanblechiadesigns #nativeamericanbandanas #womenstshirts #womensfashion #nativeamerican #mensfashion #menstshirts

  • D. Carlson

    Surf photographer Mark Tipple released a book “The Underwater Project” – a heavy set of professional underwater photography.

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Waves come in many different forms, are all around us and manifest in many different ways i.e. light, sound, shock etc. Out of all the types of waves, experiencing ocean waves is by far the most naturally beautiful and fun, but then again, how much fun would they be without the light to see them, the crashing sound of them or the shock of being unexpectedly dumped by one?

Underwater photography

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Posing underwater is one of the hardest types of modeling. Creamy skin, blonde, flowing dress.

Underwater rain. Such a cool experience being under water when it rains ;o)