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I'll remember it...

Funny pictures about The biggest lie. Oh, and cool pics about The biggest lie. Also, The biggest lie photos.

Amazing what a fitness device spider webs are,!

I just did a weeks worth of cardio after walking into a spider's web. Definitely Fall is is the air.spiders are everywhere!

Happens all the time! Funny & True!

Happens all the time!

Checking your phone for the time - again. (funny,quotes,phones) YES!

It's like I'm another person...hangry

It's called being "Hangry". Hunger leads to Anger which leads to Hangry.

I think this is how some of my best stories at work start

This is so true. And I love that this is totally how most of my friends' stories start!

50 Best Hilarious Quote Pictures | Funny Sayings

Im actually not funny funny quotes quote mean lol funny quote funny quotes humor sarcasm sarcastic<< Yep.

oh so often - but, still not as much as I used to! Awesomness!

I've done this more times than I care to admit.also happens when he is all wrapped up hogging the blanket so I pull then he rolls and BAM!


There's no need to repeat yourself I ignored you just fine the first time! Lol I definitely work with people this applies to!