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There are jokes about every profession, some more than others. (Sorry, lawyers.) We rounded up 10 jokes about various aspects of public relations, from writing and editing to media relations and many points in between.

It may be a cute saying, but it is actually a description of bad public relations practice. Good PR is proactive, not reactive. ;o)

"Oh hi there sexy Gigco Gecko. I love your commercials. Want to go out on a limb with me?"

Sometimes, we all need to go out and enjoy a nice meal, even geeks. Before you head out to your favorite restaurant, check out some of these cool and geeky places that clearly have a sense of humor.

bahahahahaha. If I got this note from a neighbor I would be so impressed.

These need to be on T-shirts. I would buy them all for myself and Trisha White. :)

Dear Icebergs Sorry about global warming, Karmas a B**** Sincerely The titanic

These were actually done by first graders…Number 26 came from Blanche on The Golden Girls on the episode of Grab That Dough.

The only thing in Australia that won’t kill you. He just wants to be your best friend. It's still a spider.

Found this on Knowd and almost spit coffee all over my laptop. not hilarious but funny enough. Funny Picture Dump Of The Day – 32 Pics

This could be our printer at school. The first time it jams this year I may have to print this and post it!!!!