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Oh, Rick... You're so weird hahaha that's why we love you

This man is amazing. Behold, the god's chosen author! Tremble before the horror of Rick Riordan! <<<This proves our fandom is as fucked up as the writer. Fucked up, but dam awesome!

RICK RIORDAN DO THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!>>>>Please?!?! You've already killed most of my favorite characters!

Percy Jackson and Annabeth chase proposal Percy Jackson series books

Wheat started to re-form, but Percy pulled a lighter from his pack and sparked a flame. “Try it,” he warned, “and I’ll set this whole field on fire! Stay dead. Stay away from us, or the grass get’s it!” Frank winced like the flame terrified him. Hazel didn’t understand why, but she shouted at the grain piles anyway: “He’ll do it! He’s crazy!”

My favorite part son of Neptune is that Percy, Frank, and Hazel were like instant best friends, and they totally trust each other.

Why is Leo all by himself?

I love how Leo has his own chair. Are they afraid that he'll randomly catch fire during an exciting part of the movie? XD>>>>> no way they watching Hercules. Annabeth wound flip her ish at the inaccuracies

Seven plus Nico, Bianca, Thalia, Reyna and Calypso♡♡♡

Seven plus Nico, Bianca, Thalia, Reyna and Calypso♡♡♡

............. (I AM CRYING HARD RIGHT NOW)

Nico and Bianca di Angelo, Leo Valdez and his mother, Esperanza. their in Leo and Nico& hearts.