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  • Susan An

    A penny saved.. is a tile floor - I knew even before we bought our house that I wanted to put a penny tile floor in somewhere. As in real pennies. We had seen a floor like this at the Standard Grill in New York and thought it was really pretty and on a small scale wouldnt be hard to fabricate. So I saved a bunch of pennies, made a template, bought some mesh backing for mosaic tiles, glue that could hold metal and started making sheets of tile.

  • Jo Wheeler

    DIY penny tile floor. They did their floor by making sheets of tile using mesh backing for mosaic tiles. Great idea!

  • Wendy Howell

    DIY Penny Tile Floor... Click the picture and see how cool this turned out !! Going to use this idea in my kitchen for a back splash!

  • Laurel Whiting

    This is directions for a penny floor but i think I'd like to make a penny backsplash. I like it better than most of the penny floor plans and there are more instructions in the comments.

  • Shay Raybourn

    DIY Penny Tile Floor - really cool idea

  • Brooke Swingley

    DIY penny floor--- use for back splash!

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OMG! I was JUST telling Chris that I wanted to do this in our master bathroom! CRAZY and super cool play on my name!

penny floor..i would love to do this one day but how much money would it take? and the time as well lol